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ChatGPT and the New Age of Coding: Safeguarding Your Organizations IP

The emergence of ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and Tabnine, as powerful tools in software development, has significantly changed how developers approach coding. By leveraging AI, these models accelerate coding tasks and enhance creativity, but they also raise potential concerns related to open source vulnerabilities and license infractions.  Language models are revolutionizing software development, but the potential […]

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Developers’ Extensive Adoption of Open Source Snippets

Open source snippets play a crucial role in modern software development, enabling developers to leverage existing code from open source projects. Let’s delve into the concept of code snippets or fragments, why developers use them, their frequency of usage, how they are embedded into project source code, and the significance of granular detection in Software […]

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The Software Supply Chain is Insecure without Proof of Provenance (POP)

As the software supply chain becomes increasingly complex in today’s interconnected world, securing it becomes more challenging. Supply chain attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. Organizations must ensure their software is free from open source vulnerabilities while understanding the obligations of the attached licenses. One critical aspect of securing the software supply chain is […]

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Open Source Snippet Level License Detection & Why it Matters

Open-source software is becoming increasingly popular in modern software development, and for good reason. Open-source components can save development time and reduce costs, making it a necessary option for developers within companies of all sizes. However, using open source also presents new compliance challenges with the licenses attached to the open source. Licensing requirements for […]

ChatGPT open source compliance open source security

ChatGPT is Changing the Landscape of Software Development

Software development is evolving at a breakneck pace, with developers under increasing pressure to deliver projects faster and more efficiently. As a result, they are turning to tools like StackOverflow, Unity Answers, Github, and AI-based tools like ChatGPT and Github co-pilot to reduce development time and improve efficiency. These AI-based tools improve developer efficiency, and […]

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Building Stronger Security: Why Build Time Scans are Crucial for Your SCA Tool

Software composition analysis (SCA) tools are becoming increasingly popular for managing the security risks associated with open source software. These tools help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and other security issues in open source components used to build applications. While many SCA tools focus on scanning the final built code, the importance of build-time scans […]

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New OpenSSL critical vulnerability Update

On Oct 25, 2022, The OpenSSL project announced a forthcoming release of OpenSSL (version 3.0.7) to address a critical security vulnerability. This release is now live. The last critical vulnerability in OpenSSL was released in 2016. Our security team has today added this vulnerability to the Threatrix vulnerability database. Vulnerability Details The OpenSSL project has marked this vulnerability as critical […]

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The Happiest Day of your Life: You are Being Acquired

Imagine, if you will, you (and your team of developers) have invested the last two years building a fantastic new Software as a Service solution, and you have poured blood, sweat, and tears into the development process. Your team of developers has used every trick in the book to build the fastest, most efficient, incredible […]

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Where to put your money first for Security tools. SCA, SAST, or DAST?

Having researched the importance of securing your company’s intellectual property, you have started down the road towards what tools work best for securing it. Let’s look at the three most common tools companies should consider purchasing and where best to allocate your cybersecurity funds. The three most popular tools are SCA, SAST, and DAST.  Software […]

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Security and License Compliance Awareness is the Theme of Open Source 2022

Open-source software is in all software development, and we’ll see even more growth continue in 2022. Every industry vertical uses and develops open-source software, and all businesses are considered software companies. As a result of the pandemic, more businesses offer their products and services online or through apps. The increase in open source adoption and […]