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  • Open source license Mergers and Aquisition Audit

    Merger and Acquisition Audit

    Complete compliance risk assessments that go far beyond legacy software composition analysis tools. Threatrix is the only solution that provides deep insights into the original source of the snippet and accurate license data that makes up 90% of your software composition.

  • Open source License Corporate Compliance Audit

    Corporate Compliance Audit

    Periodically assess your open source license compliance with our deep scan audit technology. Simply point our scanner at your source code repositories and receive a complete compliance report.

  • Precision Software Composition Analysis

    Precision Software Composition Analysis

    No other company has deeper composition analysis than Threatrix. Our matching technology, driven by applied information theory and machine learning provides unprecedented precision for the most accurate software composition analysis.

  • Integrated Open Source License Compliance

    Integrated Open Source License Compliance

    Threatrix integrates seamlessly anywhere into your DevOps pipeline for truly automated composition analysis and license compliance that's never been easier, more accurate, or more under your control.