The most critical challenge your organization faces when choosing a software composition analysis (SCA) vendor is understanding that some miss up to 60% of the open source, exposing your organization to security and licensing risks.

We’re also seeing challenges surrounding the accuracy of the results. A vendor will find some open source but then mismatch the component or version, leading to the wrong licenses and vulnerability data.

Now that companies recognize the value of SCA, they’re seeing two core operational challenges.

The first is the overhead in risk remediation, which can take weeks or even months as developers sort through thousands of vulnerabilities and work through remediation and testing and the time involved in license compliance, which developers prefer to avoid.

The second operational challenge is speed: Current solutions with full-spectrum open source detection cannot support build time scans, creating the risk of deploying vulnerable and non-compliant code.

In our webinar, we take a deep dive to uncover the differences and provide a detailed analysis to help your organization measuring up the key players in the world of Software Composition Analysis tools.