AI Code Detection & Remediation

AICertify revolutionizes how developers and legal teams approach compliance in an AI-augmented environment.

Instantly pinpoints AI-generated open source code, swiftly identifies potential legal risks, and enables rapid resolution of license compliance obligations.

AICerify is a critical line of defense against the complexities of AI-generated code plagiarism, providing a safety net for developers.


Powerful Generative AI Code Compliance

AICertify empowers teams of any size to swiftly identify and address the complexities of AI-generated code compliance, transforming compliance management into an efficient process. With seamless integrations, continuous monitoring, and automated solutions, AICertify ensures your team can focus on innovation with peace of mind.
Value Proposition
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We're now seeing the developers using GitHub Copilot are 55% more productive with it on tasks. And 40% of the code they're checking in is now AI-generated and unmodified.

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Scott Guthrie
Executive Vice President of the Cloud and AI Group

Comply With AICertify

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AICertify agents continuously monitor code base changes by developers and instantly flag the risk from license infractions throughout development. IDE Plugins enable developers to remedy license violations quickly and effortlessly from AI-generated or copy/pasted code snippets.

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Resource constraints are a reality for organizations of every size. AICertify streamlines the license compliance process by cutting through the noise and automating critical tasks. Threatrix prioritizes impactful remediation and offers actionable recommendations tailored for development and legal teams.

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IDE Plugins empower your development team to remedy license infractions from AI-generated or copy/pasted code snippets quickly and effortlessly. Alert fatigue is eliminated with AICertify's automated remediation for low-risk infractions and comprehensive remediation suggestions for high-risk violations.

Simplifying AI-Generated Code Compliance

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TrueMatch® with Origin Tracing

AI-generated code snippets often originate from existing open source projects, which may incorporate code from other open source initiatives. This interlinked nature of open source code highlights AI development's complex layers and origins.

AICertify, powered by Threatrix's TrueMatch® with Origin Tracing technology, ensures precise provenance and licensing results, saving time and reducing costs.

Source code is never sent to the cloud

Deployment options to fit every organizational need, including Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise, and GitHub integrations.

Origin tracing
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Simplifying compliance, streamlining development

AICertify streamlines AI and open source code compliance by automating routine tasks and standardizing approvals across the organization. It equips legal and development teams with focused, actionable insights and minimizes unnecessary alerts, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

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Scalable source code snippet detection

AICertify detects source code snippets in over 420 languages and is tailored for high-volume environments. Designed for efficiency, it easily manages billions of source files and thousands of deployments weekly, offering unparalleled speed and scalability.

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Autonomous risk mitigation

AICertify simplifies AI code compliance with its configurable autonomous risk mitigation, adeptly categorizing risks and executing remediations automatically. This proactive approach keeps you ahead in managing compliance efficiently and effectively.

Developer driven compliance

AICertify seamlessly integrates with IDEs, instantly alerting developers of any license violations in line with company policies during the build process.

AICertify's autonomous compliance bot automates the tedious aspects of compliance, reducing the workload on both development and compliance teams and streamlining the process.

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