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Threatrix Autonomous Platform manages your open source supply chain security and license compliance allowing your team to focus on delivering great software

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Supply Chain Security & Compliance for an AI Powered World

Enter a new era of open source with Threatrix Autonomous open source management. Threatrix Autonomous platform effectively eliminates security risks and helps your team quickly manage license compliance in a single, tightly integrated platform.


Scans complete in seconds, never holding up your builds.


Seamlessly process billions of source files every day, providing unparalleled scalability for even the largest of organizations.

Value Proposition

of provenance

Proof of origin instantly ensures actionable results.

of detection

Empower your vulnerability detection with unmatched control and risk visibility thanks to the unparalleled capabilities of our TrueMatch technology.


Security Teams

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Autonomous Mode

Autonomous, deterministic open source management eliminates vulnerabilities with low developer involvement.

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Known & Dark Web Pre-Zero Vulnerabilities

Comprehensive vulnerability knowledge base aggregates all known open source vulnerability data and pre-zero-day vulnerability intelligence from the dark web. Alerts occur before attacks.

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Illuminates Blind Spots

We don't stop at dependency managers. Our deep detection engine finds open source wherever it hides including dependency managers, binaries, archives, CDN references, open source files, embedded snippets and more.

Compliance & Legal Teams

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Origin Tracing provides Proof of Provenance

False positives pose a significant issue. A piece of code can have numerous duplicates, often in the tens of millions. It can be difficult to determine who originally authored the code, but with our Origin Tracing technology, we provide the necessary proof of provenance to your compliance team, allowing for greater clarity and confidence in your compliance processes.

Origin tracing
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Zero false positives empowers immediately actionable results

Our TrueMatch with Origin Tracing technology ensures that every result is the correct result. No more hours of sifting through bad data, guessing at origins and licenses.

Actionable results
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Snippet Level Detection
during build time

Supports more than 420 languages with new languages covered within 24 hours of release.

Snippet detection
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Source code is never
sent to our cloud

Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise, and SCM deployment options. No code is ever sent into our cloud.

Source code
SBOM Reports

SBOM Reports

Threatrix SBOMs provide automated, snippet-level release artifact management in both CycloneDX & SPDX formats.
SBOMs can be attached to release artifacts ensuring automated distribution directly from your build process.

“Threatrix is absolutely game-changing technology that will save our developers hundreds of hours in remediation time, this year alone. ”

Uma Mahesh Reddy | CISO | Prime Healthcare

“We're very excited about our partnership with Threatrix, which will provide our customers with risk deep insights into the their software assets.”

Thota | VP of Engineering | Culinda

“Our devs are very excited about Autonomous mode. It's going to streamline our development operations and dramatically cut our remediation time.”

Martin Ingram | CIO & EVP | PTC

“We replaced two separate solutions with Threatrix and eliminated the friction between our security and legal teams. We substantially reduced both our direct and indirect operations costs and our developers love the Autonomous mode."

Fari Ebrahimi | Former Senior Vice President, Global CIO | Akamai

400+ Supported Languages

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C++ Python PHP Java C#
C# PHP Java C++ Python


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