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Happy Developers are Productive Developers

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A Development Manager has many hats. Their responsibilities include overseeing the team’s development of systems, software, and deployments. They are in charge of training, hiring, budgets, and enforcing deadlines. Perhaps, their most important role is to improve their developer’s productivity. Developers are the foundation of a company’s software success. A happy developer will be more productive and less likely to leave to explore other opportunities. 

A developer is often under time constraints and pressure to crank out quality code which can create stress. A boss will pressure their team without always appreciating the technical hurdles that the developer must overcome to produce quality work. A leader, however, will look for ways to improve the developer’s tools they have at their disposal, to increase their productivity with less pressure and constant reminders. Micromanaging requires too much time and it frustrates your team. 

Since a Development Manager’s main responsibility is to produce high-quality software on time and on budget, then it only makes sense for all involved, to have software that cuts down on a developer’s responsibilities and improves their efficiency. This will also provide managers with more, not less time and we can all agree, time is money.

Software Developers are highly intelligent men and women who thrive on solving complicated problems. When they are junior developers or new to your company, it makes sense to oversee their work on a regular basis, but the goal should always be to provide them with autonomy. An independent developer, who focuses on problem-solving with passion, enjoys their work, and will deliver quality code. Having software that provides developers with autonomy will streamline the process and increase productivity.

90% of all projects use open source components, requiring the developer to have knowledge of open source licensing. They need to determine if the open-source component is compatible with its intended use, while also abiding by the required conditions of the licenses. When a developer uses open source software, the use may take many forms such as, using a self-contained library, extending code that is structured as a framework, or copying a code snippet. The licensing requirements and how the licenses apply in different situations can result in incompatibility issues or violations of the terms of the license.

Threatrix enterprise-class open source security and compliance solution focuses on developer adoption. Our automated source code license attribution, policy enforcement, and enterprise role-based access control simplify licensing compliance and help developers stay focused on the task at hand. We provide a robust automated license attribution workflow that prepares attribution documentation for deployments with accurate detection of all of the open-source in your companies supply chain including binaries, build dependencies and copy and paste code snippets.

 A recent study from Stripe and Harris poll discovered that a majority of C-Suite execs agree that the survival of their companies is more dependent on the availability of high-quality software engineers than the availability of capital. Providing your developers with the latest tools makes it easier for them to perform well. Being stuck with software that doesn’t live up to its promises, is detrimental to their willingness to stick around. No company is perfect, but as long as Managers back up their developers with good intentions and you respect their need for quality software, then they will look forward to Monday mornings.

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