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Open Source Snippet Level License Detection & Why it Matters

Open-source software is becoming increasingly popular in modern software development, and for good reason. Open-source components can save development time and reduce costs, making it a necessary option for developers within companies of all sizes. However, using open source also presents new compliance challenges with the licenses attached to the open source. Licensing requirements for […]

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“Set and Forget” Approach to Open Source Software Creates Security and Compliance Risks

According to two recent security research reports* on open source software, internally developed software contains up to 75% of open-source software.  The report also concludes that open-source used within codebases contain on average 158 vulnerabilities and 60% of the codebases have ‘high risk’ open-source vulnerabilities that have been actively exploited. According to research, the three […]


Women Breaking into the Cybersecurity Industry Regardless of Background

Cybersecurity can be a pathway to success in business. The opportunities for women to obtain a high-paying self-gratifying position is boundless. It is not necessary to have a vast background in IT or Engineering to begin your future in one of the fastest-growing industries of our time. By 2023, the cybersecurity market size is expected […]